EXOS in Space News:

Check out this EXOS feature in Space News: http://spacenews.com/exos-aerospace-prepares-for-first-suborbital-launch/ Also, a little fun EXOS Aerospace Fact! Where did the name EXOS come from? The Exosphere The region above about 500 km is called the exosphere. It contains mainly oxygen and hydrogen atoms, but there are so few of them that they rarely collide – they […]

CubeSat Structures Competition:

Lynne Zielinski Media@nss.org 202.429.1600 www.nss.org CubeSat Structures Competition Opens Space Design to Students of the World (Washington, DC – Dec 15, 2017) The CubeSat Structures Competition invites students from around the world to help advance the state-of-the-art of new space technology by designing new CubeSat structures. Winning designs will be evaluated for use in carrying […]

Tie Down Test 1:

This past week we ran our first Tie Down test for the SARGE rocket! This is a really neat test, because we do a low pressure run of the engine, while the entire rocket is tied down! (Hence the name, “Tie Down Test”). This low pressure run was a success! You can catch a video […]