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Countdown to Tie Down Test



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Tie Down Test 1:

This past week we ran our first Tie Down test for the SARGE rocket! This is a really neat test, because we do a low pressure run of the engine, while the entire rocket is tied down! (Hence the name, “Tie Down Test”). This low pressure run was a success! You can catch a video […]

EXOS Aerospace & Rising Tide Initiative

Just last week we had the chance to meet with our new friends at Rising Tide Initiative in Ft. Worth, Texas! We enjoyed our time at Montgomery Plaza, and we went LIVE on their Facebook Page for an exclusive with our EXOS COO – John Quinn! We had a great time filming this, and can’t […]

SARGE Update: 7/31/17

The integration testing continues! Check out these photos of our SARGE vehicle as we prep for a tie-down test, soon!

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