EXOS is a leading developer and operator of reusable space vehicles.


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FAA/AST Issues EXOS a Reusable Vehicle Mission Launch License

Wednesday (as scheduled and required by US LAW), February 14th, the FAA announced their determination on the Exos Launch License Application. The determination was to issue Exos Aerospace a Launch License based on the slightly over 2 years of effort to cross every T and dot every I! In the recent months we have made […]

CubeSat Structures Competition:

Lynne Zielinski Media@nss.org 202.429.1600 www.nss.org CubeSat Structures Competition Opens Space Design to Students of the World (Washington, DC – Dec 15, 2017) The CubeSat Structures Competition invites students from around the world to help advance the state-of-the-art of new space technology by designing new CubeSat structures. Winning designs will be evaluated for use in carrying […]


As you know Fox 4 in Dallas ran a story on EXOS not too long ago. You can find that story, here. Now we are on NBC 5! Check it out: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/In-Tiny-North-Texas-Town-A-Rocket-Company-Reaches-For-The-Stars-459800203.html

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