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Making SPACEavailable…

At EXOS, we make SPACEavailable! We provide faster, affordable, safer and funded space! FASTERspace… Our re-usable rockets land within 20 meters of the launch site! This keeps your cost low and eliminates wasted time traveling to your payload. With faster payload integration for pretest, you don’t have to wait 2+ years to fly! AFFORDABLEspace… We’ve […]

EXOS Prepares for Final Engine Test:

Exos Aerospace Systems & Technologies Inc. Press Release Dallas, Texas December, 18th 2016 A group of Dallas-area entrepreneurs and space scientists that formed Exos and began operations less than a year ago prepare for a final engine test to support an early 2017 suborbital space flight. Less than a year ago David Mitchell, President and […]

Press Section:

Our Press Section is in the works! The guys in our machine shop have been working hard on these pieces, and we want to share! Our helium tank fits inside of the Press Section. You can see a few pictures of them, below!

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exos Aerospace Systems & Technologies is proud to be awarded the TechConnect 2016 National & Global Innovation Award.