EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies, Inc. has taken the skills from more than a decade of practical lessons learned, and millions of dollars worth of development and flight experience gained by our team, and moved into the commercial space race, ahead of the game.


Over the past decade, the team at EXOS has led the way to some of the most impressive private, commercial, reusable rockets designs and concepts in the world today. We have developed, flown and retrieved for re-use, rockets that are reliable, reusable, better for the environment and easier on your budget.  We have successfully designed, built and flown rocket engines used in manned flight.  We have fulfilled multiple contracts with NASA.  Through all of this, the EXOS team has developed and tested over a hundred rocket engines and dozens of flying vehicles.  Now we are excited about serving your commercial and DoD needs.  EXOS is here for you, to make...




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exos Aerospace Systems & Technologies is proud to be awarded the TechConnect 2016 National & Global Innovation Award.