Team – Phil Eaton

Co-Founder and Operations Manager

Motivation: "I remember when Man first stepped on the moon even though I was barely 4 years old."

Phil's interest in technology led him to pursue electrical engineering as his field of study, but he always had a passion for rockets. He took a risk 13 years ago to work with a friend's small company so that they could build rockets after work together. During business hours he became an accomplished Senior Purchasing Manager specializing in new product development, and developing manufacturing relationships with Chinese suppliers. After hours for the 8 years that followed, he worked with the rest of the team on a volunteer basis to develop a VTVL vehicle that would be able to eventually carry a person.

He served as V.P. of Operations for Armadillo Aerospace, and provided insight and engineering for injector/engine design, propellant management, rapid RLV servicing procedures, vehicle integration, and precision recovery systems. He has also had several years of experience interfacing with FAA and AST in regards to regulatory issues, waivers, and launch permits.

In 2014 Phil became a co-founder and Operations Manager for Exos Aerospace Systems & Technologies, INC., and his mission is to build new commercial space vehicles and services which will include cost effectiveness, more timely payload delivery, and return in close proximity to launch. ...And eventually, why not make space travel a reality for the common man with uncommon dreams?