Team – Neil Milburn


Neil was born in England pre-Sputnik and is a “Brit” version of the Rocket Boys. Captivated by the glory days of the American space program, Neil earned an Honors Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Houldsworth School of Engineering at the University of Leeds in England. His early career was in the heat exchanger industry where he undertook roles in engineering, domestic & international sales and marketing. In 1982 he relocated to the USA as President of Bearward Engineering USA, a subsidiary of an English company and a “green field” startup.

Following the successful sale of this subsidiary to an American company, Neil started a new career in small company management specializing in new start-ups and turnarounds in the engineering industry. Following a series of such ventures, Neil invented a new high pressure heat exchanger for use in the natural gas and specialty gas industry that revolutionized small compressor applications. Hundreds of these heat exchangers are in operation at CNG refueling stations across the world and NASA launch facilities where 6,000 psig helium operations are routine.

In 2000, Neil was one of the founding members of what became Armadillo Aerospace at the same time taking up a career in education teaching the International Baccalaureate Physics program. His role at Armadillo Aerospace was as Vice President & Program Manager with responsibility for new business, compliance with federal regulations, safety, and project management including roles as Principal Investigator for projects with AFRL, NASA and others. Neil was also responsible for acquiring all of Armadillo Aerospace’s launch waivers, permits and licenses and during launches acted as the Safety Officer liaising with FAA AST, White Sands Missile Range, Air Traffic Control and Spaceport America.

In 2013, Neil began teaching a college level chemistry course and also is a consultant to the engineering and aerospace industries. Neil lives in Plano, TX with his wife of more than forty years, Susan. They have three sons, all UT Dallas alumni, and six grandsons. In 2014 Neil agreed to consult for EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies and we are excited to have his support and welcome him back to the team.