Team – Dave Huber

Vice President of Marketing

Dave Huber began freelance work in the fields of public speaking, marketing, branding, and sales, after receiving a degree in marketing from LeTourneau University in 2005. His success in these fields led him to establish his own marketing, sales and training firm, Public Ruckus Inc.

Exos Founder and President, David Mitchell, has employed Mr. Huber for many past business ventures, including NeUventure on Wall Street, a multi-million dollar financial education company, and saw fit to also bring Dave on board with Exos as the Vice President of Marketing, in 2014.

From the time his parents bought him a Bushnell star machine for learning constellations as a child, to the time he completed astronomy as an elective course in college, Dave has always been fascinated with space. When presented with the opportunity to see his marketing reach the exosphere, he said "Where do I sign?!"

Dave and his wife Katie live in Corsicana, Tx. with their 3 children, Mady, Sam, and Abby. Dave's hobbies include basketball, jiu-jitsu, flying model planes, fishing, and golf.