Team – David Mitchell, M.B.A.

Co-Founder and President

Mr. Mitchell earned a B.A. degree in Business with an emphasis on science in 1976 and an M.B.A. degree in 1978 from Baylor University. He is President of his family’s fifty-year-old oil and gas drilling and production company. The family business has interests in the Permian Basin of West Texas. In 1980 David, together with his father Fred Mitchell, founded and managed the Van Zoeren Pipe Organ Company of Portland, Oregon which manufactured and installed influential pipe organs including the instruments in the Crystal Cathedral, and 2nd Baptist Church, Houston, Texas. After financing and building the company from start-up to maturity, he and his father sold the Van Zoeren Pipe Organ Company to the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) television network in 1984.

David is also founder and C.E.O. of Designer Technologies, Inc., a product development and marketing company, and NeUventure on Wall Street, founded in 1999. David has spoken at university business schools, to both faculty and students, on the topic of the entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of the family business. He and his staff present investing seminars across the country every weekend through his NeUventure on Wall Street Seminar system, which currently serves over 13,000 students in 19 markets across the U.S. and is launching an international division in Ireland in 2016. David’s “The Word on Investing” daily radio program also runs five days a week in these 19 markets.

David has also been in the ministry for more than thirty-five years. His experience includes youth ministry, serving as Associate Pastor under three different pastors, and he has been the Sr. Pastor of Park Meadows Church in Corsicana, Texas now for 27 years. He has written over 4,000 sermons, booklets, gospel tracts and Bible studies, and the late pastor of the great First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, Dr. W. A. Criswell, said of him, "Mitchell, you are the best writer I have ever read." David’s sermons are heard by hundreds of thousands of people weekly through the radio program, “The Country Church Pulpit.”

David loves studying and teaching the Word of God, and he loves the Lord who wrote it. He has never taken a salary from a church due to God's blessings in his business endeavors. David especially enjoys finding principles in the Bible that relate to business, and sharing them in entrepreneurial seminars.

David has loved the space industry since his first grade teacher took his class across the street to her house to watch Alan Shepard go into space, May 5, 1961—the first American in space. Then, nine months later they marched back over to her house to watch John Glenn orbit the earth three times in February, 1962. He followed the Mercury, the Gemini, and the Apollo programs to the moon, and the Space Shuttle program. David's parents met captain of the Columbia, Rick Husband, and had lunch with him about one month before his death.

David Mitchell has a strong interest in keeping America number one in Space, and though he felt the de-funding of NASA by President Obama saddening, it presented an opportunity for the private sector to control the future of the commercial space flight industry.

In 2014 David became a co-founder, and President of Exos Aerospace, Inc. He and his family are providing for the capitalization and business management of the company.

David has broad experience in manufacturing, management, and organization/process development. All of this has equipped him to communicate his vision with strength and passion, and to bring it to reality through sound implementation and powerful team-building.

David Mitchell’s vision is to win the private sector’s “commercial” space race!

David is married to his childhood sweet-heart, Charlotte, and they have five wonderful children, Jenny, Katie, Paul, Ben, and Matt.

Hobbies include playing and teaching golf and tennis, guitar, and fishing.