SARGE Update: 3/20/17

The EXOS SARGE vehicle is currently being put together, and we are planning on doing a full tethered test in the coming weeks. That’s a video you will want to see! Our engine has outperformed all expectations during testing, and we can’t wait to share our tethered test with you. Until then, take a look […]

Tanks Have Arrived!

Our tanks are in the EXOS shop! You may have heard that a tornado hit the Michoud facility. (We are so grateful that only minor injuries were reported, but you can read the rest of the update, here). Our tanks are manufactured in the Michoud facility. The tornado delayed the tank completion and their delivery, but we […]

Making SPACEavailable…

At EXOS, we make SPACEavailable! We provide faster, affordable, safer and funded space! FASTERspace… Our re-usable rockets land within 200 meters of the launch site! This keeps your cost low and eliminates wasted time traveling to your payload. With faster payload integration for pretest, you don’t have to wait 2+ years to fly! AFFORDABLEspace… We’ve […]

Engine Updates:

We’ve made some updates to our engine! We have added some new flowmeters, as well. These new flowmeters will allow for an exact ISP on our new engine development program. Here are some shots of our updated engine!

Tube Sections Onsite!

Just in case you hadn’t heard the good news – our rocket tube sections are officially onsite! We are ecstatic. We thought we would share a few quick snaps of them, so you could join in on the excitement. These tubes are sufficient for building two rockets, when they’re coupled with tanks, etc.      

A Quick Guide to Microgravity Research

Microgravity, also known as zero gravity, is simply the absence of gravity. Microgravity research plays a big role in the commercialization of spaceflight. Microgravity research can be used for biomedical and pharmaceutical research, fluid and fundamental physics, materials science, aerospace engineering, or on space exploration hardware. Microgravity experiments can be conducted in a few different ways. They can […]

5 Reasons to Use Suborbital Rockets

Suborbital rockets provide huge advantages for space experiments, that other vehicle types can not provide. There are many reasons to use suborbital rockets, and today we’ll be breaking down just a few of those advantages. 1: The Cost When you compare suborbital rockets to orbital vehicles and experiments at a space station, the cost is […]