Space Kids India:

SpaceKids India is working with our SpaceEDU program to launch an experiment into space! Their experiment recently arrived at our headquarters, and we’re excited to share with you the many things it contains! The SpaceKids India Experiment includes; – an accelerometer – a gyroscope – a magnetometer – a pressure monitor – a humidity monitor – […]

Making SPACEavailable…

At EXOS, we make SPACEavailable! We provide faster, affordable, safer and funded space! FASTERspace… Our re-usable rockets land within 200 meters of the launch site! This keeps your cost low and eliminates wasted time traveling to your payload. With faster payload integration for pretest, you don’t have to wait 2+ years to fly! AFFORDABLEspace… We’ve […]

KSF Space signs NDA with EXOS Aerospace

KSF Space signs NDA with EXOS Aerospace KSF Space Foundation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with EXOS Aerospace in Texas, this Nov. the 2nd 2016. Under the agreement, EXOS Aerospace will identify launch opportunities and provide associated pre-launch support to KSF Space Foundation. “The partnership with EXOS Aerospace is a considerable indicator in the development of our […]

Engine Updates:

We’ve made some updates to our engine! We have added some new flowmeters, as well. These new flowmeters will allow for an exact ISP on our new engine development program. Here are some shots of our updated engine!

EXOS Commits to EDU

Here at EXOS, we are committed to education! From K-12 we intend to use suborbital flights as a part of Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) curriculum, based on an education platform we are developing with our fantastic partners. EXOS and our partners are developing programs to enable schools to run programs for less than […]