EXOS makes SPACEavailable because we help you...

Integrate your payload light-years faster

Our payload integration methods are the most efficient on the market, which allow us to launch your payload and then promptly provide data to you during the microgravity time.


Access to your data in real time

You can access your experimental data during the actual launch through our live streaming data option approximately 90 seconds after the launch. Our LSDO (Live Stream Data Option) can even support live interaction with your experiment during its zero G experience.


Access to your payload in minutes

Our state-of-the-art retrieval system allows you to access your payload in minutes because we bring the rocket back to the launch point.


Save Time and Money

We can save you time and money on Research & Development expense for International Space Station prep, or preparation for any other flight.   When you use EXOS to fly your micro G pretest or validation experiment, you save time.  Because due to our re-usable launch vehicles, your waiting period for a payload is much shorter, and the cost is greatly reduced. 

We are here to provide an alternative to having to launch into a multi-year / multi-million dollar development cycle to get your experiment on to the International Space Station (ISS), or any other platform, only to see it fail.  Why not test it first for a fraction of the cost!

Too many research programs discover their experiment had a failure or the team “missed a detail” that results in a failed test, wasting both time and funds.

Imagine being able to do micro G testing a few months from now for biomedical and pharmaceutical research, fluid and fundamental physics, materials science, aerospace engineering, or on space exploration hardware.

If this is of interest to you, see our “SARGE rocket Payload Users Guide” for technical details. Prepare to enter the realm of rapid experiment validation that supports tests and retests in months rather than years.

If you need R&D results for “public release” before the next annual earnings report Let EXOS get you there!


Get expert help with rapid prototyping

NASA has requested our Engineers to do Rapid Prototype training. Our Rapid Prototyping Edge (RPE)* can help you launch into a rapid R&D program that can support and hasten your revenue growth!  Let EXOS give your micro G R&D program the Rapid Prototyping Edge that we are known for.


Help your University or other educational institution afford a project and get it done the same school year

EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies, Inc., can help universities and other educational institutions (High Schools, even Elementary Schools) access and navigate the complex world of federal, state and industry grant programs in the areas of biomedical and pharmaceutical research, fluid and fundamental physics, material science, aerospace engineering, space hardware or any other field you can come up with.


Test your space manufacturing system

EXOS can help you test your manufacturing theories in microgravity and vacuum environments for a fraction of the cost.


EXOS is planning for monthly launches starting in 2017 and is now accepting Launch License requests for the 2017 calendar year.

We are positioning for providing launch services weekly in 2017 and beyond.

Contact now to get more information and secure your SPACE!


* Rapid Prototyping Edge, associated rapid integration services, and program development support services, are options only available to payload customers with active signed launch agreements.