FAA/AST Issues EXOS a Reusable Vehicle Mission Launch License

Wednesday (as scheduled and required by US LAW), February 14th, the FAA announced their determination on the Exos Launch License Application.

The determination was to issue Exos Aerospace a Launch License based on the slightly over 2 years of effort to cross every T and dot every I!

In the recent months we have made some major breakthroughs.

  • We have upgraded our computer to handle the additional burdens of the NASA Morpheus flight code.
  • We have overcome numerous flight code challenges that have impacted having 100% data transfer capability


  • FAA/AST issued License
  • We still have a few post licensing hurdles to clear for launch but they are well under control and each require 60 days or less (under waivers we have requested).

Software Development

  • Final Software test planned (weather permitting).

Exos wants to keep you informed.  We are moving to our final phase.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to announcing a launch date soon.


John Quinn

FAA/AST issues Exos Aerospace a Reusable Vehicle Mission Launch License

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