SARGE Integration Tie Down Test:

EXOS Aerospace announces SARGE Integration Tie Down Test to be held at the Caddo Mills Airport

4096 FM 1565, Caddo Mills, Texas

Date:  August 26th 2017

In keeping with their mission to make space available to the masses, Exos Aerospace announced today that the SARGE vehicle is ready for a public tie down test on Saturday August 26th at the Caddo Mills Airport.

“We’ve been working toward making commercial spaceflight a reality since our inception, and the tie down test is a critical step towards our Pathfinder launch coming up in the 4th quarter of this year from Spaceport America,” said John Quinn, Exos COO. “Although virtual attendance is available through the Facebook live event, there is nothing like the feeling of a rocket engine firing in your proximity so come on out to the Caddo Mills Airport at 4096 FM 1565 Caddo Mills, TX. 75135 to experience what for most is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“The FAA has accepted our launch license and we are on track for starting commercial launches later this year” said John Quinn, Exos COO.

A Safety Briefing will be held on Saturday August 26th at 3:00 PM (sharp) with test fire scheduled at around3:30PM. Anyone who wishes to view the launch must be here at 3PM for the safety briefing.

Viewers of the launch can go to about 10 minutes prior to the test to watch on Facebook live. Get your kids to watch this to get them excited about STEM- (Science Technology Engineering and Math).

Exos is in the final phase of our Private Investment round to fund us through to commercial operations and looks forward to making SPACEavailable…

“We can serve payloads that were previously not feasible to experiment with in space because we bring those payloads directly back to the launch area about 20 minutes after launch,” said John Quinn. “It opens up a whole new level of discovery in space for research and manufacturing.” We’re completing all the final tests on the SARGE platform, and this technology demonstration represents the team’s commitment to overcoming all the obstacles along the way. We built a vehicle that delivers on our goal to make space more accessible and we will share the thrill of making that happen with the whole world in the last quarter of the year as we fly to space from Spaceport America.”

For more information on Exos, please contact us through our website or call us at 844 AT WARP3.  We’re booking payloads now and have SPACEavailable…

UPDATE: The official weatherman for EXOS suggested that we cancel Saturday’s public tie-down test due to the inclement weather headed our way because of the hurricane!! We will reschedule! We apologize for any inconvenience!

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