SARGE Update: 4/17/17

Quick Update: We have tentatively scheduled our first tethered test for April 28th. It’s coming QUICK! SARGE will be tethered down and held via crane. We will do a full flight.

Also, it looks like we are getting our launch license for May 20th!

The rest of the updates with photos are below –

Pressure test on our tanks is complete! Everything went smoothly and as expected. We basically do a hydrostatic test with water. After we are done, we need to remove all the water from the inside, so we put it in the oven to cook it out.

The nose cone is back in the shop!

SARGE is coming together. It’s awesome to see how much is accomplished each day!

Our engine is gimbaled, which has been a very sound and proven system in our rockets. You can see a close-up, below.

If you want to see more pictures, head over to our IG page @exosaero!

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