Space Kids India:

SpaceKids India is working with our SpaceEDU program to launch an experiment into space! Their experiment recently arrived at our headquarters, and we’re excited to share with you the many things it contains!

The SpaceKids India Experiment includes;
– an accelerometer
– a gyroscope
– a magnetometer
– a pressure monitor
– a humidity monitor
– a luminosity sensor
– an RGB spectrum analyzer
– a UV spectrum analyzer
– a thermopile sensor
– a hall effect  sensor
– a current/voltage Sensor
– sound wave analyzer
– a high accuracy temperature sensor
– an on-board video recorder
– an on-board TTL camera
– seeds
– human DNA
– human RBC & WBC
– a microorganism
– custom built cube sat structure
– new kind of OBC
– secondary backup OBC
– a dust sensor
– scintillation Counter
– a nano optoelectric generator

WOW! 26 payloads & sensors in a .5 kilogram cubesat!

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    1. We’re inspiring and challenging the next generation of STEM educators and students. The awesome is what they will come up with to inspire and challenge us.. As a friendly competition- come on USA, lets try and top this!

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