Making SPACEavailable…

At EXOS, we make SPACEavailable!

We provide faster, affordable, safer and funded space!

Our re-usable rockets land within 200 meters of the launch site! This keeps your cost low and eliminates wasted time traveling to your payload. With faster payload integration for pretest, you don’t have to wait 2+ years to fly!

We’ve brought costs down SO low, even high schools can fly an experiment! With our SpaceEDU platform, schools can fly an experiment, in space, for less than the cost of a high school football team’s uniforms! If high costs have kept you from flying before, our newest vehicle might fit your budget!

Our rockets are optimal for research. They have a low-to-zero spin rate, relatively low G’s, and our engines are known to be safe and reliable. Your experiment is protected with EXOS!

Need funding to fly? EXOS can help connect you with the Flight Opportunities Program. If selected, NASA will fund up to $50k for your project and pay for the suborbital flight! Flights are being booked for this year!

EXOS is planning for monthly launches starting in 2017 and is now accepting Launch License requests for the 2017 calendar year.

We are positioning for providing launch services weekly in 2017 and beyond.

Contact now to get more information and secure your SPACE!

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