EXOS Prepares for Final Engine Test:

Exos Aerospace Systems & Technologies Inc. Press Release

Dallas, Texas

December, 18th 2016

A group of Dallas-area entrepreneurs and space scientists that formed Exos and began operations less than a year ago prepare for a final engine test to support an early 2017 suborbital space flight.

Less than a year ago David Mitchell, President and C.E.O. of Designer Technologies, Inc. and John Quinn announced commencing operations to join in the Private Commercial Space Race.  Many around the nation will recognize Designer Technologies, Inc. by one of its divisions, TRADEway, and David Mitchell’s daily radio show, “The Word on Investing.”  Today he’s excited to announce the final engine test prior to its integration into their new “SARGE” rocket platform.

Exos and the SARGE rocket platform will support many types of space activities from university research studies in micro gravitational conditions, to space and communications companies desiring to pre-test equipment prior to delivery into orbit- and even directly supporting the capability of manufacturing in space. One of Exos’ goals is to make SPACEavailable… and they’re even providing that service to STEM programs and grade schools, through the SPACEedu… program. SPACEedu… was developed so kids can build and fly a REAL cubesat with their school for less than the cost of the football team’s uniforms.

Exos will have a competitive edge in all of these fast- growing markets for three reasons: First, Exos’ service is efficient and affordable due to superior in-house design and manufacturing of state of the art reusable launch vehicles; Secondly, they can get clients into space sooner due to their experience and innovative designs that support unusually fast payload integration and turnaround; and, thirdly, because of Exos’ unique ability to bring clients’ payloads directly back to the launch area, for immediate access, which is important in the case of many scientific payloads.

On December 19th Exos will be conducting a final test of Engine 88 before their integration of the engine into their new SARGE platform just a year after commencing operations. That statement alone is significant; however, what really makes it really amazing is the company total compliment is only 15 (and that includes the business side as well).

Exos’ business model enables clients to “Fly Now, rather than a Year from Now….” Exos provides affordable, repeatable, and reliable commercial spaceflight with accelerated turnaround.  For clients who need minutes of Zero G time, who need to fly now rather than later and prefer immediate access to their payloads, “Exos is Your Space Flight Solution.”

For more information on Exos please contact them through their website at www.exosaero.com or call at 844 AT WARP3.  “We’re booking payloads now and have SPACEavailable…”

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